Havering Council and the Cycle Liaison Group

Havering Cyclists meet on a regular basis with Havering council to find out about upcoming plans which may affect cyclists and to propose new ideas and projects. Our main focus at the moment is to improve safe and quiet cycling routes between the major centres and facilities across our borough. Although we have received no funding from the Mayor of London to implement Quietways within Havering we take every opportunity to do so, so that Havering cyclists can safely cycle across the borough. We also work closely with Sustrans and the Forestry Commission to continually maintain and improve leisure routes across the borough.

Liveable Neighbourhoods

Havering won a bid in 2017 for the Romford Ring Road to be “calmed” and made more appealing to walkers and cyclists while at the same time aiming to maintain traffic flows. Progress has slowed due to budget constraints but we have given our input to the consultations and await further news.   

2020 Mayoral Election and Climate Safe Streets

The LCC has successfully campaigned at previous Mayoral elections to gain commitments from all candidates to improve conditions for London’s cyclists.

In what was to have been the 2020 election, the plan was to bring climate change into the debate and an ambitious blueprint has been produced describing how London could deliver Climate Safe Streets. The election being postponed due to the Coronavirus has not stopped the report from being published and you can read it here.   

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