Havering Cyclists’ meeting: 10th December 2018

Please see attached the notes of our Havering Cyclists’ meeting from the 10th December 2018.


We had a meeting with the council’s project team earlier on the day (on 10th December) and we were somewhat encouraged that the team is looking at ways in which walking and cycling connections across the Ring Road can be linked with surrounding areas. They introduced the idea that the borough can be divided into “cells”, each bounded by a busy road and have asked us to contribute ideas as to where useful connections could be made between them. We agreed to divide the area and share the work between us: Jeff: North-West, Dave: North-East, Nick: South-West and Terry South-East. Terry will obtain a copy of the map in PDF and circulate to capture comments.

The public consultation is open until 20th December.
Agreed that we should make our responses individually. Terry will respond for Havering Cyclists.
We will also contact Thurrock Cycling Campaign to seek common understanding.

Our next meeting which is also our AGM is planned for Monday 14th January at the Windmill PH in Upminster Bridge.

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