Havering Cyclists Meeting and AGM 14th January

These are the notes of our regular monthly meeting which followed immediately on from our AGM. If you would like to see the notes from the AGM, please get in touch.

LCC COMMUNICATIONS: We need to check that LCC head office have the correct contact details for us, particularly in light of the committee changes. Terry will check.

LIVEABLE NEIGHBOURHOODS: In preparation for our attendance at the January CLG, we reviewed our progress on the “Low traffic cells” analysis. This was the idea that the borough can be divided into cells, each bounded by a busy road and we were to contribute ideas as to where useful connections could be made between them. We have two of the quarters completed and the other two in progress. Terry will collate the results onto the map in PDF form and feed back to the council officers.

CONSULTATIONS: We had made detailed responses to the consultations on the Lower Thames Crossing and on the (disappointing) Havering Local Implementation Plan (LIP).

RIDE PROGRAMME 2019: We will be seeking to reinstate regular led rides to encourage beginners to start cycling. Terry and Jeff will start by seeing if the Over-50s forum members would be keen to take part.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting is planned for Monday 11th February at the Windmill PH in Upminster Bridge.

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