Havering Cyclists’ meeting notes – 12th November 2018

Please see attached the notes of our Havering Cyclists’ meeting from the 12th November 2018.


We had a presentation from Havering Council at the CLG meeting on 17th October and we heard that because most of the Ring Road is part of the “strategic road network”, measures that would take space from motor traffic are limited. However, the intention of the scheme is to minimise the barrier effect that the Ring Road has to encourage walking and cycling across it.
There is now a consultation open at: https://www.havering.gov.uk/romfordringroad.
Please take a look and add your views. We are keen that any new facilities provided to cross the Ring Road should connect with something useful and not be provided in isolation.

We looked at the detailed plans to check what the impact of the new Lower Thames Crossing might be on footpaths and other local routes.
One significant issue is that new slip roads by-pass the roundabout at the A127/M25 junction but currently, there are no visible facilities to allow walkers and cyclists who might be making their way along the A127, to cross.
Another point is that there does not appear to be any plan to provide a bicycle crossing service as there is at the Dartford Crossing.
The public consultation is open until 20th December so be sure to have your say:
We will also contact Thurrock Cycling Campaign to seek common understanding.

The off-road route between Bramble Lane and Belhus Park has been blocked.
We raised this at the October CLG and were told that it has never been a right of way.


Our next meeting is planned for Monday 10th December at the Windmill PH in Upminster Bridge.

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