What you can do to make construction traffic safer in your borough

What you can do to make construction traffic safer in your borough

Almost anywhere you look in London the cranes are proliferating. More than 450 tower blocks are in construction or in the pipeline, and the Mayor is aiming for a massive building programme to get more affordable homes built.

More building sites means more lorry movements and more potential danger for pedestrians and cyclists. We want to minimise that danger and a construction safety standard called CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) which already has more than 500 industry ‘champions’ including two London local authoritiess, can help.

As part of a joint project with TfL, LCC has written to the leader of every council that is not signed-up to the CLOCS body asking them to join. That’s a total of thirty one councils, because Camden and the City of London are already CLOCS ‘champions’ and they insist on CLOCS standards (see below) being followed by developers on all major construction sites in their jurisdiction. In support of this Havering cyclists have also written to the Havering Cabinet member responsible for this.

In short, following CLOCS standards means that sites have to have marshals to guide vehicles, all lorries arriving on site have to meet specific safety requirements, and all drivers have to have their licenses checked and have completed the Safer Urban Driving course. Hundreds of forward-looking lorry operators have already voluntarily signed up to CLOCs and the adoption of CLOCS requirements by councils will increase the level of uptake across the construction sector

We also need the help of individual LCC members and supporters to raise the issue with local councillors, by email, by mail or in person. You are welcome to make the points below:

  • ·         State that you are concerned about road danger from HGVs
  • ·         Welcome the improved safety standards that are followed by CLOCS ‘champions’
  • ·         Tell your councillor that LCC has already written to the council leader about CLOCS and Havering Cyclists have written to the responsible cabinet member.
  • ·         Ask that your council to become a CLOCS ‘champion’ like Camden and City of London

A draft letter for you to adapt for your own personal use when you write to your local councillor(s) follows:

CLOCS letter for members


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