It’s quite difficult to enjoy the pleasures of cycling without a bike so if this is what is stopping you, here are some ideas to help.

The first question to address is “which type of bike do I need?” To answer this you will need to consider what kind of journeys you will be taking and a guidance on this point can be found HERE.

The next thing to consider is whether you are looking to buy new or secondhand. If you want to buy from new, there are a number of local bike shops who will be happy to help and they are listed on THIS page.

Many people are happy to buy from bike suppliers on the internet which can be an economical choice if you are able to do the assembly and fine adjustments yourself.

Secondhand bikes can represent excellent value and as well as the local bike shops mentioned above, there are two nearby workshops that refurbish bikes for resale with the proceeds going to charitable causes. Why not check out Friends of Hardie Park or Recycles Ilford?

Bikes for sale by private sellers can be had from sites such as ebay or Gumtree but check out THIS guide to avoid buying a stolen bike.