Bikes on the Dartford Crossing

Does anybody out there use the bike service on the Dartford Crossing?

I used to use this regularly but I was planning a trip recently and found that the service is only available at certain times of the day.

Has this caused anybody any problems?

If you have any thoughts or experiences, please let me know.

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  1. I used it a couple of years ago and while chatting to the driver he told me;

    There is only one driver on shift at a time.
    During lunch and shift change, there isn’t any cover – hence the two (?) long breaks in service. Although when I missed the pick up heading back to Essex, the driver came out and collected us even though he was on a break.
    The vehicles have a 3 bike rack on them. So a group would need several crossings, or need to book ahead. I’m not sure if that service also stops at the same time as the standard service, or how many bikes can be taken this way.
    It must be a very boring job as they only make 3 or 4 journeys a day.
    I presume a similar service won’t be available on the Lower Thames Crossing.

    Fortunately when I got stuck during the break, I call the person I was meeting and, as she lives in Dartford, was able to collect me for free.

    1. Hi Philip,

      That’s interesting, thanks.

      I’d presumed that the drivers are not dedicated cycle carriers but do general crossing patrol duties. I could be mistaken.

      I’d like to see something similar for the new crossing depending on how well-connected it is for cyclists.

      Best regards

    1. Hi Ray,

      Thanks. Any idea when the service came to be less than full-time? Or has it been like this all along and was I just lucky.

      When you read the undertaking to provide a cycle service, which was like a compensation for there not being a cycle lane provided of any sort, it does not mention anything about it being part-time so I think it would be reasonable to expect a 24-hour service.

      If you were coming some distance, you might struggle to arrive there in time (even if you knew the opening hours).

      Hope all’s well

    1. Hi Nick,

      Well the proposals for the new crossing are out for consultation now so I suppose we should all be asking that question.

      Best regards

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