Cyclists needed as volunteers for this year’s Moonwalk

Cyclists are being asked to volunteer to help with marshalling on the “Moonwalk” on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May.

The Moonwalk is an overnight marathon length walk through central London in aid of Cancer Charities.

Cyclists are essential to the volunteering effort because they can easily reach parts of the route that support vehicles can’t and are able to respond quickly to hotspots on the route where additional help is needed, cyclists navigate the front walkers around the route, and others follow the end of the walk looking after the weary last walkers.

Cyclists can sign up for one of two, shifts – from about 9pm (Saturday)  to 7am Sunday and then from about 7am Sunday to 12 noon. 

Volunteers need to be over 18 and full details can be found HERE.

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