5 thoughts on “Havering Cyclists Meeting”

  1. I am currently attending a theology course in Southend on Monday nights and so have been unable to attend JJMoons. R there any records of your discussions or is it more informal?
    I moved to Upminster in 2016 but with Anglican and Family commitments I am a busy grandad. In Leicester I was a political, urban utility bass-singing cyclist!
    In Upminster I find Family and Church affairs are already keeping me busy but I would love to hear what is happening locally … especially within the political local govt. scene.

    1. Hi Nick,

      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Our meetings are quite informal but we do keep notes of the main points. They are on the website under “News and Blogs”.
      Please have a look and let us know if you have any comments.
      We look forward to seeing you as soon as time allows.

      Best regards

    2. Hi Nick,
      I also live in Upminster and are in involved in local politics. If you want a chat feel free to call.
      07940 913206

  2. Hello Terry,,

    I live nearby country park in Hornchurch and went to your free Bike doctor today and found Very friendly and helpful staff who checked my mountain bike.
    Just want to know more about the Upminster to London organised Bike ride in May this year. How to register and apply.

    Thank you.

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