Have your say on Havering’s car-free school-streets

Please take a few moments to read and respond to this consultation.

We think that that having cars excluded near schools could have a really positive impact on conditions for those wanting to walk or cycle.

So many people tell us that they would love to walk or cycle to school if only the roads were not so dangerous.

Hopefully this will help to reduce the motorised scrummage that takes place outside most primary schools twice a day which discourages all forms of active travel and which locks parents into feeling that they have to drive just to keep their children safe.

We would expect to see dispensations for disabled people included in the scheme.

1 thought on “Have your say on Havering’s car-free school-streets”

  1. A very worthwhile number of schemes being proposed which will benefit pupils, parents, schools, and local residents living in streets that see a deluge of unwelcome traffic twice a day.

    These schemes should surely encourage, once the appropriate infrastructure is in place, parents and children to both walk and cycle to their respective schools in the Borough of Havering. This should, in turn, result in an improvement in air quality for all.

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