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Several consultations are currently open where we have the opportunity to put the case for more and better active travel options.

Havering Council are asking for suggestions to improve selected town centres. The link HERE connects to the consultant’s web site where you can enter suggestions through a number of interactive maps. (The picture is from the consultation).

A second consulation is under way for the Lower Thames Crossing.

Given the pressing need to reduce global carbon emissions, you might question the logic of be spending £billions and causing massive disruption to local people for years to install something that will probably not be needed by the time it is complete.

Why not fast-track the plans for the KeNex tram link crossing instead?

However, the government seem intent on persuing it, so our main concern is the severance of the walking and cycle path on the south side of the A127 heading east across the M25. A new crossing is to be provided on the north side of the interchange but the only access to it from Cranham or Upminster is by dodging across the 70 mph A127 through the gap in the crash barrier at either Front Lane or Bird Lane.

The revised documents and consultation are HERE.

Finally, (saving the easiest till last), our XR Havering colleagues are carrying out a survey about cycling in Havering so it would be very helpful if you could spend just a few moments giving your views HERE.

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