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Hello! With warmer weather now with us, I hope you’re enjoying getting out on your bike riding for work, shopping or for some exercise but meanwhile, Havering Cyclists have still been campaigning and raising local cycling issues. Please read on for details.

Eastern Road Traffic Scheme

We are delighted to report that the work to address this dangerous and long-standing gap in London Cycle Network route 12 (LCN12) between Havana Close and Eastern Road across South Street has at last been completed. There has been an angry reaction from some about the time that the work took and the long diversion that it caused to buses but we feel the outcome was well worth it and we are grateful to Havering Council for making it happen.


You may recall that we are now a drop-off point for Re-Cycle which is a scheme that sends donated bikes to Africa for reuse and we have so far sent one batch of donated cycles and have another building. If you have a bike that is no longer needed, please get in touch and we will find it a good home.


Funding for the long-awaited plan to overhaul this hazardous junction has been approved but sadly they still take no account of the measures that we had asked for to make it safer for walkers and cyclists. We have again joined forces with our friends at Better Streets For Havering to escalate the plans’ shortcomings with TfL.


Our reported list of issues arising from our inspection rides is with council officers and they are now working through the issues.


We had our last Cycle Liaison Group meeting with council officers at the end of last year and the council’s new Active Travel Forum was to have begun by now but input from other non-motoring groups such as walkers has been difficult to engage. As an interim, we have been meeting directly with the transport planning team manager to obtain updates.


Thanks to the hardy riders who joined us through steady rain for the Mayor’s Charity Bike Ride on Sunday 28th April.

We were sustained by a welcome cup of coffee at the RSPB cafe and by the good cheer of our fellow riders.

And thanks to the people who donated to the ride but were not able to take part.

Finally, thanks to Madam Mayor Cllr Stephanie Nunn, Cllr Barry Mugglestone and Council Leader Cllr Ray Morgon who also braved the elements to support our departure. The ride was in aid of the Mayor’s Charity which is First Step. The amount collected was impressive at over £300.


The plans for two secure cycle parking lockers at Hornchurch Station went out for consultation and objections were received for the stand opposite the station. A new location for that stand is being considered.


Thanks to those who supported our campaign for the 2024 London Mayoral election. With the polarized positioning of the candidates into pro-active travel and very much anti-active travel, the main campaign action was a simple request for supporters to email the candidates to reinforce the message that we want better cycling facilities.


Havering Cyclists has teamed up with The Friends of Ingrebourne Valley and Hornchurch Country Park , TfL and YoungAgain Cycles to arrange a series of basic and advanced cycle maintenance classes. There are basic and advanced courses through the summer and they are being very well received. If you would like to take part, please click here for more details: https://www.haveringcyclists.org/free-cycle-maintenance-classes/


Our Dr Bike events have again been under way, we will again be running a feeder ride to the London Freecycle event and we do have information stands planned at community events. Please check our website for notifications and details.

Many thanks for your continued support

Havering Cyclists

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