Havering Cyclists Say “Thank you” at Cycle Route Opening

Havering’s cyclists gathered at the new section of cycle lane in central Romford yesterday (11th June 2024) to show their appreciation to Havering Council and to Cllr Barry Mugglestone in particular.

The new section is built to the latest safety standards and fixes a long standing and dangerous gap in the cycle route through Romford which previously saw cyclists being directed into the path of oncoming buses.

Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Barry Mugglestone said:

“It was great to meet Havering Cyclists and see the cycle lane improvements, Havering Council will continue to look at all opportunities to improve cycling provision”

Havering Cyclists member Tim Stout said:

“This gap has been dangerous for so long I really think it is a miracle that nobody has been seriously hurt. I’m so glad that we now have a really decent piece of cycle lane with a proper crossing of South Street to connect the two quieter sections of the route. It will make a big difference.”

Event organiser and Havering Cyclists Co-ordinator Terry Hughes said:

“I wanted to thank Cllr Mugglestone for his commitment and tenacity in driving this work forwards which delivers such a great safety improvement and will enable more people to cycle.”

“Havering Council has already made good progress rolling out School Streets, and this new cycle lane takes that progress a step further. More people cycling short local journeys in Havering will help ease congestion, reduce pollution and help the NHS by improving everyone’s health.”

Local resident and Dave Burrell, 77, said:

“This new cycle lane matters a great deal to me as I ride my bike here. So many people I know in Havering would like to go cycling. If we had more cycle lanes, people would come out and get on their bikes and it would be so much better for the environment, for individuals, for everybody – everyone wins.”

The work which was paid for mostly by local development Section 106 funding was officially opened today and is the first new cycle infrastructure improvement project built in Havering since a 200-metre section of segregated cycle lane was provided in Main Road in 2016.

The whole route now connects Central London with Brentwood passing through Chadwell Heath, Romford, Gallows Corner and along the A12 to Brook Street and Brentwood.

The new cycle route also enables good cycle access to Romford Station, a key commuter and leisure route and a great way for people to travel in central London and beyond, especially as bikes are allowed on Elizabeth Line trains.

Image credit: London Cycling Campaign

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