Last Chance to comment on the LTC

Below is a message from Cycle Brentwood about the proposal to have a new walking and cycling link provided as part of the LTC.

Please take a moment to show your support via the link to the consultation at the foot of this message.

LTC Consultation

Please help us push for improved cycle/walk/horse links between Cranham and Brentwood. Thanks to everyone who signed our petition asking for a multi-user connection between Broadfields Farm and Codham Farm. We already have 64 signatures and now need to ensure that LTC include our wishes in their design proposals for the new road. Unfortunately, a petition is only counted as a single response in consultations, so we need to ask you to do one more thing that will really help the cause.

Please access the consultation via the link below and add your responses by midnight on Thursday 2nd April. You are of course welcome to comment on any aspect of the project, but Section 3 is specific to walkers, cyclists and horse-riders. We recorded here that we were neutral about the current proposals and then added the following comments:

For several years there have been plans to create continuous off-road links between Thurrock, Havering and Brentwood, and although there has been some progress in developing localised routes, such as the Thames Chase Forest, these are mostly isolated from one other and the goal of a ‘Forest Circle’ is far from being realised.

What is especially frustrating is that there are only a few short gaps in what could be a continuous link, one of these being between Thames Chase Forest Centre (TQ 5838 8616) and the C2C railway where it crosses the M25 (TQ 5885 8764).

As LTC will require the acquisition of private land and the building of new bridges across the railway and St. Mary’s Lane, this will be a unique opportunity to establish a multi-user off-road section alongside the new M25/A127  slip road, providing a key link in a route extending from Thorndon Country Park to Thames Chase.

Can LTC please include this important link in their plans, so that cyclists, walkers and horse riders can move safely between these popular rural centres.

We’re happy for you to use these words or you may have a better way to express your opinions.

Thanks very much.

Geoff and the Cycle Brentwood Team

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