Tell the next London Mayor why you love cycling!

London elects its next mayor on May 2nd – let’s make sure all the candidates know how much we all love cycling.

Send an email asking them to make it possible for even more people in London to cycle and, if you want to, tell them why you love cycling too! Click HERE

Here are our policy asks:

  • Make cycling safe for everyone: Cycling has to feel safer for more Londoners to do it. This means bringing forward ‘Vision Zero’ targets to 2030 and getting serious on tackling needless deaths and serious injuries on our roads with funding and resources for collision investigation and junction improvements.
  • Cycle routes for all: Complete the cycle network so everywhere in London is connected. This means finishing the ‘Strategic Cycling Network’ ahead of schedule, by 2028, so 70% of Londoners live within 400 metres of a high-quality route.
  • Funding for everyone: a level of active travel funding sufficient to spread cycling across London’s diverse communities. This means ringfencing TfL’s active travel budget at 2022/23 levels as a minimum until 2028.

2 thoughts on “Tell the next London Mayor why you love cycling!”

  1. Havering is lagging well behind other boroughs with the cycling info structure !
    Any money put towards this in the past seems only to be used to paint white lines on existing roads 8 inches out from the drain covers and comes to an abrupt stop when the road narrows.

    1. Hello Michael,
      Thanks for getting in touch and yes, we couldn’t agree more.
      Havering needs decent, safe cycling facilities and we’ve been asking for them for many years.
      Fortunately, the council have agreed that any new lanes will comply to the latest standards.
      Best regards
      Havering Cyclists

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