The Big Pedal in Havering

Families in Havering are invited to take on UK’s biggest cycling, walking and scooting school challenge for two weeks starting Monday 25th March.

More and more people are realising that “active travel” is a great way to build exercise time into our daily routines.

With this, families are being invited to take up the Big Pedal 2019 – the UK’s largest cycling, walking and scooting challenge for schools.

This year’s competition is backed by Angellica Bell, British television, radio presenter and cycling advocate, who took on the ‘Tour de Celeb’ in 2016 where she found her love for cycling.

 I hope as many schools as possible sign up for the challenge and inspire children and families across the UK to get on their feet, scooter or bike.

– Angellica Bell

Is your school taking part??
Check out the Big Pedal Factsheet:

1 thought on “The Big Pedal in Havering”

  1. This is the week to start cycling or scootering to school. Gaynes Park Road was blocked up today with commuters squeezing through the gaps left between cars parked on both sides of the road. And it is as quicker than driving and parking.

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