Could you be a Cycle Buddy?

Havering Cyclists are planning to start a Cycle Buddy scheme that will pair experienced riders with those less confident and looking for a bit of support.

The scheme is aimed at encouraging less expericened riders to try cycling to work, to the shops, or elsewhere, with support and guidance so as to make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

The experienced rider would help plan a safe route and lead the journey, riding that route together (at a safe physical distance as and when covid restrictions allow).

So far, so good.

But before we can offer buddying services to prospective less experienced riders, we need to engage some experienced ones.

If you are an experienced cyclist (up to approximately Bikeability Level 3), and have the time and patience to share some of what you know with another rider, would you consider getting involved?

If so, please visit this web page for sight of our FAQs and our sign up form.

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