Gallows Corner – Time for change?

Gallows Corner is a large busy junction where the A12 and A127 merge along with two local main roads. On average, there is one cyclist seriously injured each year at this junction and it has long been a barrier to local people walking and cycling.

Here is a video taken by a local cyclist using the junction in Coronavirus lock-down conditions. Click here to view.

What changes would you suggest to make it safer and more convenient for walkers and cyclists? Let us know here.

1 thought on “Gallows Corner – Time for change?”

  1. An excellent video portraying the “trials & tribulations” of negotiating Gallows Corner on a bicycle. Havering Council, in conjunction with TFL, needs to do something about this, particularly whilst the coronavirus situation persists to enable people wishing to go to work by bicycle as opposed to public transport or car, to get there safely!!

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