Help us stop the tide of motor traffic

As we start to transition out of lockdown, the whole of London is facing a huge transport challenge.
With a limit to how many people can use public transport and maintain social distancing, there is a real risk that a significant number of people will start using their cars more – leaving us with a city choking in even more motor traffic than there was before.
More traffic means more lethal air pollution, more carbon emissions and the roads once again becoming places where people don’t feel safe to cycle.
We need all of London’s leaders to change our roads now to make it possible for people to choose to cycle.
It’s the only way London can recover from this crisis and move towards a greener, healthier and happier future – a once in a lifetime moment to change how we move around this city for the better.
Please contact our council leader to ask him to commit to keeping motor traffic levels lower than before lockdown.
Please click here to email our council leader and help us stop the tide of traffic.

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