Upgrade Ingrave to Thorndon Footpath

Brentwood currently has amongst the lowest cycle use of all the major Essex towns, and our official network of safe cycle routes is almost non-existent. Work is proceeding to address this situation, and one route that is currently lacking is a cycle path between Ingrave and Thorndon Country Park.

To avoid the busy A128 and The Avenue, many cyclists use the footpath between Thorndon Gate and Thorndon Country Park, passing between Thorndon Park Golf Club and Thorndon Hall. This path is narrow in places, gets overgrown in the summer, and becomes very muddy during the wetter months.

To resolve this issue, Cycle Brentwood and others have long been proposing that this footpath is upgraded to a bridleway, that would meet national standards for surfacing and width. This would benefit both walkers and cyclists and be a key link in a longer off-road cycle route between Billericay, Hutton, Herongate and Brentwood.

This survey seeks to canvass local residents’ views on the proposal, to see if we can find a solution that addresses both their needs and concerns. You can access this survey by clicking HERE.

3 thoughts on “Upgrade Ingrave to Thorndon Footpath”

  1. I regularly use this path to cycle to Thriftwood from Cranham. Upgrading it would let me use it though out the year.

    1. Hi Philip,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      I hope you can find a few minutes to make your views known through the survey.
      Best regards

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