Lower Thames Crossing Update

You may recall previous posts regarding the Lower Thames Crossing and the latest stage which is the Design Refinement Consultation which closes on 12th August.

We still have concerns about the continuity of paths along the A127 with the new slip roads to and from the M25.

As the plans stand, the south side of the A127 is to be cut off to walkers and cyclists with the only crossing of the M25 to be on the North side and that would only be accessible from the South by a new footbridge over the A127.

LTC seem convinced that the paths along the A127 are only footways and so only a footbridge would be provided.

We maintain that the paths have always been walking and cycling paths even though the signage may be missing. This is bourne out by Havering council’s mapping tool (http://maps.havering.gov.uk/ ) which shows the paths labelled as “cycle track” and we await confirmaation that LTC accepts this.

In addition, we recieved word from the Thames Crossing Action Group that the area and crossing between Folkes Lane and Berendens Lane is now on the cards for permanent acquisition of rights for the LTC. This is a well used path and bridleway crossing over the M25 is one of few motor vehicle free routes across into essex, and its now threatened by the LTC. Please see their website for more details.

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  1. We recieved an update from Highways England regarding the M25 crossing at the end of Folkes Lane:

    “It may help to explain that there’s no plans to do anything with the bridge at Folkes Lane. We had previously wanted to replace it because of widening of the M25 but it is starting further south now so there will be no impact on the bridge.”

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